Battery & Innovative Products

ZERCO supply chain has collaborated with DORLAND global partners to hold Inventories in the Middle East to effectively manage the demand-supply. A lean initiative to reduce lead time for unique products to meet our service commitment requirements.

What is Conductance? It describes the ability of a battery to conduct current. It is the real part of the complex admittance. Various test data have shown that at low frequencies, the conductance of a battery is an indicator of battery state-of-health showing a linear correlation to a battery's timed-discharge capacity test result. This can be used as a reliable predictor of battery end-of-life. Why Conductance testing? Through years of laboratory and field-based research, conductance has been found to correlate directly with battery capacity as measured in a timed discharge test. This correlation is nearly linear, meaning that if conductance can be measured, timed-discharge capacity can be predicted. Since voltage and specific gravity testing are not predictive, timed discharge testing is very time-consuming and expensive, and impedance testing does not correlate directly and linearly with timed discharge capacity, conductance testing is a very effective and economical alternative


Why need load bank testing?

It is really critical to ensure that your standby power supply system say UPS(uninterrupted power supply), battery bank, generator, transformers, inverter etc. which especially located in harsh, dusty or corrosive environment working in good condition, when you need them most, if switched to be loaded when the main power supply in maintenance procedure or stop abnormally. Such power supply systems could fail without proper preventative maintenance. ZERCO OREN provides a whole range of custom preventative maintenance products solutions for your

UPS systems, generators and many more to ensure constant uptime for your power systems and make you prepared for anything. Downtime could also be reduced by regular maintenance and thorough inspections, which are the key to power supply systems maintenance.

ZERCO OREN AC/DC load banks could help highlight a large range of faults on the power supply systems it test. The first goal achieved when testing with ZERCO OREN AC/DC load bank is to ensure your power supply system is reliable or not by validating the power systems’ outputs to its technical specifications. The underlying question that ZERCO OREN series AC/DC load bank could answer you is--“how is my power supply systems constant uptime (technical performance)?” The load bank also tests that the power supply system is not faulty, no faults in construction and components reliable, that the aging of the power supply system is in line with expectations and that there are no pending breakdowns or early signs of wear and tear. ZERCO OREN series AC/DC load bank testing offers you whole solutions of predictive failure analysis for UPS(uninterrupted power supply), generator, transformers, PV system, inverter etc., to validate the condition and output of such power systems comprehensively. Integrated AC & DC load bank could be made in one unit or separately with different load voltages as per your need for different applications.

About ZERCO OREN load banks resistor

Highly reliable and durable new alloy resistor is used for the ZERCO OREN’s AC & DC load bank. It is thermal shrinkable and seal installed in the stainless steel pipe, whose surface with insulated heat sink. The resistor is moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, good heat dissipation, high insulation resistance, safe and reliable.

ZERCO OREN load bank control modes

Two control modes available for ZERCO OREN AC/DC load banks: The local panel control mode and the remote control mode by PLC through PC software. Local control mode will be locked once load bank is switched to remote control mode. By applying the PLC, we could make load bank an intelligent test system, load power curve could be preset through PC software and all electrical parameters of EUT(equipment under test) including current, voltage, apparent power, active power, reactive power, power factor, frequency and warning info could be achieved automatically by the PC software and displayed by load bank digital meter. Up to 15 load banks at most could be parallel controlled by PC software which generating the test tables, curves and standard test report


ZERCO offers the Electric charge stations that are able to charge all CCS compatible electric vehicles. Users only need to plug and charge once its functional. This latest redefined product after rigorous R&D has high quality performance to charge the cars faster and complex process has been eliminated to speed up the activity. Compatible with any CCS, CHAdeMO, GB/T vehicle with multiple output. It has a capacity to charge from 0 -to 80% in less than an hour and has all the latest safety and automations required to operate in any environments. Perfect for Employee Parking lots , Apartment complex, Shopping Centers, Service locations, EV dealers, Taxi and Rental fleets or for personal home use. Please contact us for more info and we will be happy to support. We also take your customized production to meet your company specs, colors or to match your other preferences. Email us at