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CEO’s Message

I am delighted to have this opportunity to share some thoughts on ZERCO.

Since its founding in 2017, ZERCO has made a total commitment to various diverse projects in the Oil & Gas, EPC and for other industries by fully utilizing engineering technologies and project management capability.

ZERCO is now executing projects in US, Middle East by utilizing its group companies rooted in various regions worldwide. By continuing to make ourselves adapting flexibly to change of global circumstances and corresponding quickly to fit market needs, ZERCO strives for maximizing its client’s value and pursuing to become "Global Leader in Projects Partnership" as its vision. We are specialized in running sustainable comprehensive services in the field of Oilfield products including EPC, Supply Chain Management and a range of other services that will reduce ops drains of the companies.

ZERCO has acquired a global reputation for its technology solutions and service capabilities, consolidating its place at home, United States and overseas by engaging in numerous Projects, including Refinery support contracts , Turnkey Projects, Rig Supply Services and other Engineering Services. We take pride as a global player in handling different distribution channels and successfully completing refinery plant projects.

ZERCO has a focused long-term vision and has driven qualitative challenges towards more advancement, development and progress. As a result, has won many projects and increased its corporate values. We have associations with several worldwide manufacturers and service providers. We bring projects and purchase to meet the best technology and cost effective solutions. As a global company, we stay competitive through improved products and services and the achievement of productivity and effectiveness, while at the same time reducing costs and easier business processes. We will continue to improve our activities, aiming at improving our supplier relations, working with global partners, creating new expansion markets, training and empowering our employees and communities.

I thank my staffs, teams, partners, our associate suppliers and customers for the increased results, business and the happiness it brings around us.

Dr. Jameel Ahmed. Chief Executive Officer, ZERCO