Engineering Procurement and Construction

ZERCO has been prominently known for its expertise for various EPC contracting projects in the Middle East with refinery and manufacturing plants. Company undertakes each projects seriously, contributes and delivers promptly through a well-structured technical management and Project Management Office team. To facilitate the contracting projects effectively, ZERCO has exclusive distribution-ship with several manufacturing companies worldwide that have contributed great results in the past years. Our well established internal supply chain, logistics, quality and other departments had tremendous impact in improving product delivery lead times , handle distributions, deliver accuracy, zero incidents and more over delivery the projects successfully each time on budget obtaining highest customer service satisfaction.

ZERCO sets a new benchmark in Environmental & Occupational Noise Monitoring tests for plant performance at Oman Refinery. ZERCO collaborated with Geo-Chem Middle East inspection division for this project and we recognize their remarkable support in its successful completion. A key project accomplished with zero downtime complying with the highest safety standards, this one is a matter of pride for ZERCO and Geo-Chem. For more information on testing services, please contact us at

Industrial Inspection Ports Access Ports Flange

Access Inspection ports supplies have been recognized as one of the key contributing elements of ZERCO's success most recently - a product that is raising the bar and setting a new standard for inspection ports, dramatically improving safety and reliability in non-destructive testing (NDT). Inspection ports and plugs come in all sizes to match the process temperature and industry type. ZERCO teamed up with the leading United States manufacturer Access Plug Flanges, Inc. to become one of their authorized resellers in the Middle East region. We are privileged to offer this innovative technology right at the doorsteps of our esteemed clients. Given our excellent performance record, clients can safely put their trust in ZERCO for getting the job done in an efficient and timely manner. Please contact us for more info at


Industrial Strainers are a special type of strainer manufactured for various industrial applications. Just like other strainer devices, they are used for coarse filtration of fluids mediums in large pipelines. Strainer designs are chosen based upon severe pressure and temperature that will be experienced. These Strainers are used extensively throughout the steel, chemical, power, oil, paper and wastewater treatment industries. ZERCO’s Engineering and QA/QA has approved the product quality and is pleased to announce its collaboration with the one of the most reputed and quality strainer manufactures for our ongoing projects. More details to follow. Below are our major products. a) Y Strainers b) Duplex Strainers c) Conical Strainers d) Air Eliminators e) Basket Strainers f) Tee Strainers g) Automatic Strainers h) Suction Diffusers Kindly reach us out for more info on custom designs and makes at