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Supply Chain Management


ZERCO has seasoned Supply Chain expertise and are currently operating successfully worldwide managing several supply hubs, distribution centers and logistics centers. ZERCO better known for its Supply chain solutions, which have had tremendous improvements in the supply demand functions at our client sites past years. We have the full advantage of global market awareness and capacity to handle the supply chain solutions much efficiently and effectively by utilizing our internal & external expertise in this area of business. Along with our own fleets individually managed by our expert teams, we also have collaborated with dozens of global and local logistics partners to work at our direction. Through this collaboration we have demonstrated extraordinary services to our clients and end users on a daily bases. We are committed to improving the customer service experience through convenience, accuracy of orders and timely delivery by implementing global solutions.

The Objective

• To become our partners reliable partner in logistics and supply services
• To manage demand supply, min max, and other consignment stocks effectively.
• To enhance Logistics services to a world-class standard and avoid Non Productive time NPT.
• Provide dedicated customer service teams and 24/7 hotline number for any immediate contact
• Improve vendor managed Inventories, transparency and update on-time tracker for shipments.
• Improvise customs clearance and border issues by handling professionally
• Introduce Six sigma / lean mechanism in our internal process to eliminate errors for effective outputs
• Provide daily and weekly updates on the shipment status.

We believe this will fully benefit our clients for an improved productivity throughout the entire order cycle. Most importantly, we are engaged in several internal trainings to our employees to deliver to be highly efficient with this solution and realize a concrete improvement in the results. We believe in customer satisfaction and metrics that you can measure us down the lane

Execution Strategy

Our execution strategy incorporates proven methodologies, extremely qualified personnel, and a highly responsive approach to managing deliverables. Following is a description of our project methods, including how the project will be developed, a proposed timeline of events, and reasons for why we suggest developing the project as described. We are confident that we can meet the challenges ahead, and stand ready to partner with you in delivering an effective logistics solution to meet your expectations. We ensure to be highly competitive, productive and professional in the service we are offering.