Redefining Safety in the Post Covid Business World.

Covid-19 has taught us several important lesson in life, since the pandemic. The wold has fraught with many uncertainties and no one is 100% safe from dangers either arising out naturally or fabricated. It is prudent for businesses to equip themselves with a plan in order to cope up with these negative fallouts. There may be numerous instances other than a pandemic that could endanger the production activity and a tardy safety apparatus put in place can jeopardise the safety of both machines and the precious human resources involved in it.

These emergencies, as a result of manmade and natural disasters are to be mitigated by putting in place a robust safety apparatus that include regular maintenance of machines, conducting health check-ups, mock drills etc. Having a systemic and standard operating procedure for operations on field can considerably reduce the number of such external events or at least can minimize its impact on production. Such safety mechanisms also help in checking the spread of a pandemic like health emergency like that of Covid that may arise in future. Safety experts in the field who are experienced in resolving such issues should be roped in to prepare a comprehensive mechanism that guarantees safety of both machines and employees.

Companies have learned how to prepare themselves to mitigate the situations without compromising human lives. ZERCO International ( ) and its affiliated companies around the world raised extreme awareness to protect its employees and their families, customers and communities around it. Company introduced long-term work from home programs that could help employees stay home and take care of families while work priorities are managed. ZERCO technology services also have supported other companies to raise the vanguard against externalities so they protect IP, machines, data, networks and their employees. It is evident that businesses that took measures and precautions such as social distancing and practised safety all time were able to survive the Covid storm effectively. However, going forward a robust safety apparatus is indispensable for businesses. 2021 could be promising year with new hope and vaccines to be around for the business world to be a normal place soon.