ZERCO International reported last week that it has won L’AZURDE’s prestigious RFID technology contract to implement state of the art RFID solutions in their over 2500 retail outlets across the Middle East and Africa markets.

The company noted that this contract will be for multi years and the project is expected to start its first phase of delivery by Jan 2020. L’AZURDE will also be looking options to include additional end user outlets, which will possibly increase the length of the contracts for ZERCO’s involvement.

For the past several months, ZERCO has been keenly working with L’AZURDE’s technology experts to understand their business requirements, customize technology solutions, review various regional and international standards, and evaluate products and operations for providing an enduring solution that will remain relevant for many years to come.

ZERCO has been awarded this prestigious project based on multiple factors. Being a global technological service provider, ZERCO possesses the know-how to help L’AZURDE’s eliminate various non-productive hurdles in their inventory management systems, thereby enhancing the efficiency of output generation.

ZERCO noted that the scope of work for this RFID technology project includes:
a) RFID solutions & framework
b) Handheld Application
c) Integration with existing software
d) Customized tags production
e) Licenses & printing software
f) Implementations and Training
g) After Go live support.
h) Hardware (Printers and handheld devices)
i) Project management
j) Supply Chain operations.

Work at ZERCO technology services facility should start by the middle of Nov 2019 and continue with the customized deliveries from Jan 2020 onwards. The company is also engaging in various technology-related phase 2 project evaluations that will correlate with the current business scope.

L’AZURDE is the world’s fourth largest wholesaler and a premium jeweler based in Saudi Arabia with over 2500 retail outlets spread out in Middle East, Africa and Europe. The company also has affiliated subsidiaries and partnerships with several leading fashion brands across the world. The organization is determined to grow extensively across it's realms of operation to become the leading jewelry brand in the world and use the technology offerings by ZERCO as a key delivery measure for its customers and stakeholders. “We see this as the start of a new chapter and are honored to work alongside ZERCO for successful results across our entities, said by the Technology Manager at L’AZURDE.

ZERCO is a global technology solution and engineering services provider based in North Carolina, USA, and has affiliated representations in various locations in Middle East, Africa and India.
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